Guitar Slice Looper Vol 3



Guitar Slice Looper is here to give you more than enough choices of acoustic guitar loops. Sliced to great different rhythm patterns of each chord loop. Lived the way through sampler players that the original created loops were loaded to give you a variaty of patterns that will sound singular and intersting out come, either as a chord progression stumming sound or a unique sliced rythm based loop. All loops are ofcause and as always bpm and key tagged.

This pack with a signiture bpm of 128 is perfect for a range of EDM genres to either make your intro and verse sound special and rich to even incoporate them in your drop as rythic pluck sound or a rythm pattern. The use for these great sounding sliced strumming loops are just limitles.

Pack details

• 132 Guitar Loops
• 74.7 MB zipped size / 76.3 MB unzipped size
• wav 44 100 / 24 bit

Additional information


EDM, Electro House, Pop / Indie Pop, Progressive House




Roundel Sounds

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